Paola Giometti

Paola Giometti is a Brazilian biologist with a PhD in Natural Sciences, who draws on inspiration from wildlife to write stories for young people. When she was 11 years old, she published her first book, Night at Dawn (Cassandra Rios Publisher), making her the youngest writer in Brazil! Later, she wrote the Tales of the Earth series, made up of The Destiny of the Wolves, The Code of the Eagles and The Call of the Bison in Portuguese (Elo Publisher).  In 2018, she released the book Drako and the Golden Dragon's Elite (Lendari Publisher), which received media attention as ''a fantasy that reflects on differences, helping young people to overcome pessimism and problems with self-esteem'', book that made her receive the first place in 6 categories of the Alien Awards 2018 by popular vote on social media, besides naming her the best national author in the same year. Then, in 2020, she concluded the Storytelling course from Pixar, she also published Symbiosa and the Threat in the Arctic and Night Dawn in Portuguese (Elo Publisher) and The Destiny of the Wolves in English (Underline Publisher), which was selected as the best fiction book of December by Reedsy Discovery. Today Paola is part of the International Catalog of Brazilian Writers, being a finalist in the International Recognition of Brazilian Literature award promoted by the International Academy of Brazilian Literature and Focus Brazil New York 2020. Currently lives in Tromsø, a small town in the far north of Norway, and gives continuing her literary career with the publication of El Destino del Lobo (Nordika), and at the moment he writes The hibernate of the Bear and a new series on the era of Viking and dark Nordic folklore.


In 2018 Paola was awarded in 7 categories by the Alien Awards after a popular vote on the Social Medias. Drako and the Golden Dragon's Elite received:


Paola also received:



When I write, I love drinking tea and listening to game and movie soundtracks.

Favorite Books

The Never Ending Story, The Hobbitt, Harry Potter and The Golden Compass.


I like to read, play video games, do hiking in the mountains, play native american flute or Shruti box while singing.


I am always studying something new. I am currently studying Norwegian, illustration of medieval maps, human evolution, scripting and writing methods.


Some sports I practice: hiking, cycling and fishing.

Favorite Foods

I love my family's dulce de leche recipe, I love chocolates, I eat pies and feijoadas.

Written Books

The Destiny of the Wolves

At a time when most men have lost their instinctive ability to understand animals, Kushi, the leader of a pack of wolves, has a vision of her forefathers. They show her scenes from the future: the consequences of a bond between men and wolves. In a quest for answers, she and her friends set off on a dangerous journey through frozen mountains. What will be… the destiny of the wolves?

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The Code of the Eagles 

In the depths of a never-ending winter, cold and hunger drive an indigenous community to capture Hankpa, a baby eagle. Barely has he experienced his first taste of freedom than he is forced to hunt for food for the tribe. He soon finds himself faced with a strange ancestral treaty, which guides him through a wild and extreme adventure, brimming with challenges and responsibilities. The life of the tribe comes to depend on him and the Code of the Eagles.

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The Call of the Bison

During the bison’s yearly migration, Mika becomes separated from his herd. Facing the desperate loneliness of a defenseless calf in a dangerous wilderness, he has to follow his instincts and the advice of an old bison. This will be the only way for him to find his way back to his migrational pathway and make sense of the mysterious call from the mountains.

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Drako and the Golden Dragon’s Elite

Drako, a red dragon, was not born like the other dragons and didn’t learn to fly like them either. Locked up by Mildred Bruxelas, the witch who created him, the young dragon tries to understand the world with the help of a small fly, who likes to say everything that comes into his head. When they discover that Mildred and the Mafia of Mages are planning to strip the leathery hide from the golden dragons, Drako and his faithful friend venture into threatening territory, where they face enemies whose cruelty knows no bounds.

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Wakan Kola

Wakan Kola is a fanzine, a crossover with the book The Code of Eagles that tells the meeting of a musk ox with an old Indian.

Wakan Kola is a spin-off of The Code of the Eagles from the Tales of the Earth series. In The Code of the Eagles, during the depths of a harsh winter, a musk ox meets an elderly ‘smooth skin’ (this is how the animals refer to humans). This life-changing encounter occurs when they both need each other more than ever and an important exchange takes place.

I believe that in the most difficult moments in life, fate can be more than mere coincidence.

The story unfolds about 16,000 years ago. Since we know very little about the language used by humans at that time, I have drawn on my creative license and chosen the dialect of the Native American Dakota tribe to express the smooth skin’s feelings towards the awe-inspiring musk ox.

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Post Mortem

The supernatural has always been present in many moments of my life and it was what led me to formulate stories and write about it. Terror can be present every day and it just depends on the way we look at a shadow, a stain on the wall. Writing Post Mortem was an opportunity to explore these sensations. Each story was inspired by a supernatural event that I went through, from strange messages received on cell phones, figures that chase, voices that come from the drain, nightmares with night terror, breathing the ashes of the dead … Events like this could not be just in my drawer and, with a touch of fiction and spices, I decided to bring Post Mortem: a collection of horror stories to not sleep, for horror lovers to enjoy.

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Symbiosa and the Threat in the Arctic

As a young girl, Emma is saved from near-death by her friendship with a falcon. Her normal life resumes, but she is left with the sharpened eyesight of a bird of prey. Summoned to a mysterious winter holiday camp in the far north of Norway, Emma has the chance to strengthen her connection with her falcon and truly understand the secret union of the Symbiosa, the Sami people’s solution to all human ailments. But what Emma wasn’t counting on was a sinister underground organisation threatening the very existence of the Symbiosa. Soon she is faced with a terrible doubt: do the Symbiosa represent salvation or rather a terrible curse?

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