President Evil is the newest RPG about the coronavirus pandemic.

With the most voted title on social media, and with more than 7000 downloads in 24 hours (Portuguese Version), President Evil is an indie RPG (Role-playing Game) system that was developed with the intention of being free and entertaining people who are quarantined with their family. You don’t need a lot to play: pencils and erasers, paper and some dice you may have at home.

The information contained in the game was inspired by the words of Bolsonaro – the president of Brazil (Portuguese Version), and Trump (English Version) during the coronavirus pandemic and does not express my personal opinion. I want to make it clear that I am not affiliated to any political party. But I can’t deny that this tense moments gave me an incentive to create a RPG system that could offer bizarre classes for the characters of which you can play. For example, why not play with a character that is Addicted to Lysol and with this class you can shower yourself with disinfectant and re-roll 1 dice when you have contact with some infectant agent? And how about playing with the UV Guy, which carries an UV lamp and can escape the virus, but will also kill other microorganisms on her/his skin, which could protect her/him from other diseases? Therefore, when using the lamp, you lose -2 Immunity.

The aim of the game is to allow the characters to develop during the story, take actions and choose whether to help or hinder each other in a ‘struggle for survival’ scenario. If you take the number 1 during an unfortunate roll of the dice, your character is infected and if you are with low immunity, you will suffer serious consequences such as “It’s just a cold”, until your character is no longer able to continue and needs to be intubated and maybe even die.

I suggest to play with 6-sided dice (d6). The d6 is more common and offers no difficulty for RPG beginners. If you have other types of dice, just adapt them. As the story may contain violence, I recommend playing with 2-6 participants aged 14 and over, but you can also make the game a little ‘softer’ so you can play with your 11-year-old brother/sister. As the game takes place in a period of chaos in America, it will not be so easy to find medicines, vaccines or food (the essential for the characters to recover the immunity, and it is not so easy to buy them).

Would you like to play? Download the PDF for free!

President Evil English Version

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Paola Giometti

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